Why Choose Us?

We feel the best way to do business is to explain how the collision repair industry works and let the customers make the choice for themselves because in the end THAT is how it works – IT IS YOUR CHOICE

At Suburban Collision Specialists we take pride in not only repairing your vehicle after it has been involved in an accident, but we also go out of our way to explain the process and the options that are available to you.  Family owned and operated since 1978 we understand that for many people the next accident you have will be your first.  The question is: Who should I have fix my vehicle?  The most common, yet less educated answer to that question is “Wherever my insurance company tells me to.”  At Suburban Collision Specialists we feel the best way to do business is to explain how the collision repair industry works and let the customers make the choice for themselves because in the end THAT is how it works – IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

Like the medical industry that has been in the news a lot recently, the insurance companies have a huge presence in the collision industry as well.  Insurance companies pay for the repairs to your vehicle, but those repair procedures are dictated by the vehicle owner’s insurance policy.  Some insurance company’s regular policies have non-factory parts as mandatory replacements.  If you demand factory replacement parts at the time of the repairs the unfortunate answer you will get from the insurance company is “This is how the policy is written”.  Also, like the medical industry, insurance companies are contracting repair facilities (as opposed to doctors) to perform repairs for them.  Along with repair procedures, limitations may be placed on repair length (rushing repair facilities) and overall parts “type” usages (using junkyard or non-factory parts).  Depending on the insurance company, repair facilities may also have incentives offered to them.  This may include “more work referred” and these incentives may be dictated by how well the repair facility adheres to the insurance company’s limitations.  If a repair facility is rushing to complete repairs and using parts dictated by the insurance company in order to gain additional work, this makes the insurance company number one and the vehicle owner number two in our eyes.

So why should you choose Suburban Collision Specialists to repair your vehicle?  Because we make the customer number one.  We repair vehicles insured (or damaged) by every insurance company.  Some of those companies we are contracted by,  but we only work with the companies we feel are truly a “partnership” and allow us to repair your vehicle to the standards we have placed upon ourselves.  If we feel the restrictions placed upon us by an insurance company while under contract are too restrictive, we will remove ourselves from that partnership to allow us to serve our customer better.  Previous customers may be surprised to find out later that we no longer work with a company we used to.  This is because as insurance companies change their guidelines from year to year, we too reevaluate our partnerships to make sure we can still maintain the most freedom to repair our customer’s vehicle to the standard we have placed upon ourselves.

In the end, we feel that when you show your neighbors or co-workers your freshly repaired vehicle you are going to say “Suburban Collision Specialists repaired my vehicle” not “X Insurance Company”.  Big government and big corporations may be trying to dictate personal decisions such as where you get your vehicle repaired, but in the end the decision is always yours.  No insurance company can force you to have your vehicle repaired at any specific facility.  We are a small business which understands that personal experiences and word of mouth make a business stronger, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our repairs to show that we stand behind our services.